Over at Gunfreezone, Miguel posts about people abusing claims of domestic abuse in order to gain leverage in divorce cases. I have twice been accused of this by angry ex-girlfriends who were trying to get revenge on me for daring to be their ex:

the law is abused. Here are the disturbing statistics:

25% of all divorces include accusations of domestic violence.
50% of all domestic violence restraining orders are issued without allegations of violence.
70% of domestic violence restraining orders are trivial or false. (PDF warning)
85% of restraining orders are against men

In fact, a New Mexico woman filed a restraining order against David Letterman in 2005, alleging that she was a victim of his domestic abuse. He had never met the woman. She said that he was using secret code words during his television show to threaten her. The judge in the case found her claims to have merit and granted the order, even though it was later overturned.

The law says that women can make an accusation of domestic violence and the court will punish the man by issuing a restraining order without him being allowed to defend himself. He gets a hearing two weeks later, but by that time his guns have been taken and his concealed weapons permit revoked. There is no fee for the woman to do this.

She gets a free lawyer. He does not. When it is discovered that she lied, nothing happens to her. She will not be prosecuted, and cannot be sued or punished in any way.

The Florida State Supreme Court has this to say on the matter:

Unfortunately, the current version of section 784.046 does not seem to permit the trial court to simply dismiss a sworn petition that does not allege facts that fall within the statutory language. Instead, section 784.046(5) requires that “[u]pon the filing of the petition, the court shall set a hearing to be held at the earliest possible time.” The result is the use of scant judicial resources to conduct unnecessary hearings based on pleadings that could never support the issuance of an injunction. These same hearings often serve only to inflame the parties’ emotions and foster further uncivil behavior. I would encourage the legislature to consider amending the domestic violence and repeat violence statutes to allow judges to dismiss petitions that, on their face, do not contain allegations sufficient to meet the statutory requirements without prejudice to the petitioner refiling a legally sufficient petition if he or she can do so.

Women who lie to use the law as a weapon cannot be punished. From the same decision:

Further, nowhere in section 784.046 is there any provision for an award of sanctions against a petitioner who uses the statutory provisions concerning injunctions as a sword rather than a shield.

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Grumpy51 · June 23, 2023 at 9:39 pm

Does FL have a falsifying report law/regulation??

    Divemedic · June 25, 2023 at 8:57 am

    Not for accusations of domestic violence. It’s supposedly there to keep victims (women) from being afraid that their attacker will ruin them with counter accusations. You know, like the trope alleging that rapists often make the rape victim into a lying harpy.

Anonymous · June 24, 2023 at 12:36 am

Brave senior judges will support taking someone’s real estate because of a mud puddle, but won’t fix a process which enables evil women to ruin innocent men. Government exponentially grows into a Jim Jones suicide cult, and most voters go along with it.

Big Ruckus D · June 24, 2023 at 1:16 am

Ah yes, the Duluth Model. One of the most outrageous injustices ever foisted on American men. Between scheming, deceitful bitches, and white night, simping pigs and black robed bastards ever at their service (who may themselves also just be scheming to steal stuff, and ruin a man’s life for shits and grins) it’s enough to make a man wronged by such blatant misapplication and abuse of the law to go on a murderous rampage.

Honestly, I really wish that would start happening with some frequency to cops, judges, and lying complainants alike just to drive home the point that they have been fucking around for decades, and really need to find out.

This is a case where constantly crying wolf has paid off handsomely for all those who abuse and run the shitty system. That needs to change, but I doubt it will until after the collapse. Reassertion of the natural order of things will flush a lot of these turds forced on us by modern society, once the perverted enforcement mechanisms fall away.

In the interim, the best solution I’ve found is that a few years ago I simply started to ignore and avoid interaction with women as much as possible. And that works for me, because I’ve always been solitary and emotionally distant, so I don’t miss being in a relationship at all. I also purposely suppress the charm and humor I used to exhibit, to avoid catching interest. Strictly business, all the time.

I see this sometimes referred to in redpill circles as “monk mode”, though I certainly don’t consider myself to be that isolated. I also realize that generally won’t be a workable solution for “normal” guys, but everyone has to figure out their risk/reward ratio for themselves. My decision to step out of the game was more a result of realizing I just didn’t want to deal with drama and silly shit anymore, and having a woman around always brought me drama and silly shit to deal with. It was all so tiresome.

Avoiding potential legal pitfalls is more of a pleasant side effect of my eschewing of relationships, than the impetus for it. Besides, I’m at an age now where the bloom was off the rose a long time ago. I spent my 20’s and 30’s hormonally driven to dealing with much of the same stupid shit most guys do regarding women, and finally deciding it wasn’t worth it in my 40’s. Now I’m just over the whole thing, with no plans to go back.

The amusing thing is that I see I’m not alone. The number of strong, independent women™️ making tiktoks – and youtube is littered with endless compilations and critiques of these – whining and crying about how they can’t find a man/where have all the good men gone (and countless variations thereof) tells me the drop out rate has gotten substantive enough to be a real problem for them. Well, apparently enough of us have been repeatedly manipulated, cheated, and pissed off by general bad behavior until we reached a state of complete indifference. How do you like us now that we give zero fucks, ladies?

A kid learns not to touch the stove by burning his fingers. Sometimes he has to get burned more than once for the lesson to stick. The same mechanism has put a lot of good men on a permanent path of solitude, and now they are being harangued even for doing that. Obviously this isn’t good for society’s long term prospects regarding social stability and demographics, but the action/reaction cycle has to hit a breaking point for any useful change to occur, so guys like me are simply forcing the issue to come to a head sooner than if we sucked it up and just played along.

    Anonymous · June 25, 2023 at 11:34 pm

    You know the tranny zone on the crazy/hot matrix? Soon, there will be comfort woman robots with AI brains made from a mixture of loyal canines and male trannies. Complete with a mute switch and an off switch, but you won’t want to use it.

Elrod · June 24, 2023 at 9:38 am

“The same mechanism has put a lot of good men on a permanent path of solitude, and now they are being harangued even for doing that.” (from Ruckus, above)

Many is the complaint / comment that “men have decoupled” from society, they’re “avoiding” college, etc.

Golly gee, what a surprise. I am completely baffled as to why men might want to “avoid” certain circumstances.

In other news, a friend just bought a 512 gb micro SD card for his new body cam. It does seem like a timely and worthwhile addition to the usual EDC. I believe I shall investigate.

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