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NFAC has a body count

The terrorist organization called the “Not Fucking Around Coalition” or NFAC, now has a body count. A police officer who was shot by one of its members on June 23 has died of his injuries. The member who did the shooting has a long, violent criminal history. He was fairly well indoctrinated by the black community justice industry.

The criminal charges for this critter have been increased to first degree murder. I’m usually against the death penalty because I don’t believe that we can trust the government to prosecute a case honestly and without shenanigans. In this case, however, it looks pretty cut and dried. Looking at his extensive history, I don’t think he is redeemable. Fry his ass. Better yet, let Biden send his ass to Afghanistan.

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Don’t worry. The government is on it! They are working to find and re-education all those extremist…uh…white people…who uh…think the government is incompetent.

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