A 14 year old boy and his unnamed accomplice in Long Island committed a burglary where the female homeowner and her small child were home. The woman and her child hid in a closet until discovered by the burglars, who then raped and then stabbed her in the chest before she was able to escape.

We hear all of the time from the left that we should just let the burglars take what they want, because our stuff is insured or because all they want is to feed their children. But what if what the thief that has just broken into your house wants to rape you, stab you, and then leave you for dead so that your small child is an orphan, or worse, is killed too? Will insurance fix that? Is that just stuff? Is the burglar just trying to feed his family? How can you tell the difference before it is too late?

This is why anyone who breaks into my home had better surrender immediately, because whether he knows it or not, he just arrived at the place and time of a very short and violent gunfight.

Fucking animals.

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Toastrider · May 4, 2022 at 7:08 am

The whole rationale around ‘just give them what they want’ completely befuddles me. It presumes I have some kind of insight into the desires of a person who has just forcibly entered my home.

EN2 SS · May 4, 2022 at 7:39 am

Sheeple want you to give up, like they have.

Mike · May 9, 2022 at 9:18 pm

My view has always been that, by the simple act of breaking into my home, the perp has by definition committed a crime of violence against me, whether he actually attacks me physically or not. Said perp has of his own volition crossed a big, bright line in forcing his way into my way without permission or invitation. Thereby, he has made himself subject to violent action on mypart, so as to subdue him and end the imminent threat he poses to me and my family. I’m sure any liberal judge will disagree strongly with this viewpoint. But he and every other weepy liberal wailing over the unjust loss of a beautiful, priceless human life–in contrast to, say, Kyle Rittenhouse, an innocent white woman gang-raped to death by a marauding band of Mooselimbs “refugees,” or an unborn child–can kindly drop dead, and the sooner the better. I have no way of knowing what the intruder might have in his pockets in the way of weaponry, nor do I have any idea what he might be capable of if he does, or what his intentions towards me might be.

Having invaded my home and menaced me, he has already demonstrated aggression and complete disregard for my rights, my private space, and my well-being, so I don’t think it at all unreasonable to assume his intentions towards me are hostile. That in turn places a certain responsibility on me to respond properly to this unwarranted violence and aggression, as a self-respecting adult who values his own life appropriately must. As the saying goes: better to be judged by twelve than carried by six. If the useless oxygen thief ends up dead by my hand…well, hey, that’s one less goblin befouling the gene pool. Any time that happens, it should be cause for celebration, not horror or outrage against the poor schlub who did nothing more than defend himself and his property.

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