Thousands of Rounds?

ATF should be called Agents That Fib. They are on the record as claiming someone with a Glock switch is capable of firing ‘thousands of rounds per minute’ from a Glock handgun. Anyone with gun knowledge knows that they are talking about cyclic rate when they say that a gun is firing 1,200 rounds per minute. That would require a weapon to have an unlimited supply of ammunition. It’s an attempt at dishonest manipulation of soccer moms.

“It turns a semi-automatic firearm into, essentially, a machine gun,” explained [ATF Agent] Estevan. “So, instead of one round being discharged from a firearm with the single pull of the trigger, when the switch is installed onto a firearm, you’re looking at 1,200 rounds with the single pull of the trigger within a minute.”

If you have to lie in order to make your point, perhaps your point isn’t worth making.


Florida has had a preemption law for damned near 35 years. The only entity that can pass laws restricting guns is the state legislature. The left didn’t like that, and frequently ignored the law. They would pass gun restrictions and would hassle lawful gun owners, safe in the knowledge that they would never pay the price for violating people’s rights.

Until the state managed to get a law passed in 2011 that allows public officials to be held personally accountable for violating people’s rights with regard to guns. The left absolutely hates this law. Several cities, aided by that antigun commie bitch Nikki Fried, tried to sue the state to get the law overturned, which would have allowed every political entity in the state to pass its own gun laws. Concealed weapons permits would have become useless, as each city and county passed its own restrictions on carry.

That case died last week as the Florida Supreme Court refused to hear the case, leaving the preemption law in place.

Gamer Fags

This guy who spends all of his time online complaining about people who cheat at a first person shooter is also saying things like this:

I don’t think he is expecting the military to do it because he hates them too:
He spends the rest of his time spouting and retweeting communist shit like this:
How about instead I tell you this: Bring it, pussy. Who’s gonna stack at the door? You? Real life isn’t a video game, ass.

Criminals Aren’t to Blame

Wirecutter posted a link to a story about Clemmie Greenlee’s campaign to punish gunowners whose guns are stolen by criminals. For those who don’t know, Clemmie Greenlee is the founder and CEO of Nashville Peacemakers, an antigun advocacy group. She founded it after her son was murdered in “gang violence” in 2003.

She and her organization don’t want prison or death penalties for those who commit murder using guns, however. What she wants is to have guns made illegal and for the government to put more money into neighborhoods where murders and other crimes are being committed. In other words, black neighborhoods. To make that happen, she wants victims of criminals to be punished for daring to become victims. In other words, she wants white people to be put in prison because they were the victims of crimes committed by black people.

How about some background?

Her son, who she likes to make sound like an innocent victim? He had more than 2 dozen arrests between his 18th birthday and his death 11 years later. Those resulted in more than one felony conviction. Things like dealing drugs, stealing cars, and criminal trespass (likely burglary). So he was a confirmed criminal and likely a gang member.

According to police, Rodriguez had walked down the street wearing a blue scarf in a red-scarf area. He was wearing the wrong gang colors and was murdered for it.

At 29 years old, a criminal, and a drug dealer, he knew what areas were controlled by which gangs. He was almost certainly a gang member.

She herself was a prostitute for over 30 years who “snapped” and stabbed a man 5 times and was sentenced to prison for it. In other words, a criminal. Sure, she claims that she wasn’t a criminal, but a victim. She was using weed and LSD before she became a prostitute. Yet this is the same democrat party that is currently grooming kids for more of the same.

It’s not their fault. Nope.

Illinois Makes All Semiauto Rifles Illegal

How did they do that? Because of the overly broad wording of their new assault weapons ban (edited to clean up the text to make it more readable, but not change the wording):

(3) "Assault weapon" means:

(snip of irrelevant sections A and B)

(C) A semiautomatic rifle that can accept or can be modified to accept a detachable magazine and has at least one of the following:
(i) A folding, telescoping, or collapsible stock.
(ii) Any grip of the weapon, including a pistol grip, a thumbhole stock, or any other stock, the use of
which would allow an individual to grip the weapon, resulting in any finger on the trigger hand in
addition to the trigger finger being directly below any portion of the action of the weapon when firing.

emphasis added

Now picture any semiauto rifle you can think of. Now tell me which one, if any, sees the pinkie finger of the trigger hand not being below the action of the rifle.

Thus, all semiauto rifles in Illinois are now legally defined as assault weapons and are thus illegal to possess, transfer, or own.

Not the USA

AWA over at GunfreeZone worries that the anti-gun folks will start using the gun laws of the old west to bolster their attacks on Bruen. The theory that some towns in the old West prohibited residents from having guns to attack the 2A is not a new claim. Gun controllers were using that same stupid argument during the gun control arguments of the 1990’s. That is a large part of New York’s line of argument in the Bruen case.

SCOTUS already addressed this issue:

Finally, respondents point to the slight uptick in gun regulation during the late-19th century. As the Court suggested in Heller, however, late-19th-century evidence cannot provide much insight into
the meaning of the Second Amendment when it contradicts earlier evidence. In addition, the vast majority of the statutes that respondents invoke come from the Western Territories. The bare existence of these localized restrictions cannot overcome the overwhelming evidence of an otherwise enduring American tradition permitting public carry. See Heller, 554 U. S., at 614. Moreover, these territorial laws were rarely subject to judicial scrutiny, and absent any evidence explaining why these unprecedented prohibitions on all public carry were understood to comport with the Second Amendment, they do little to inform “the origins and continuing significance of the Amendment.” Ibid.; see
also The Federalist No. 37, p. 229. Finally, these territorial restrictions deserve little weight because they were, consistent with the transitory nature of territorial government, short lived. Some were held unconstitutional shortly after passage, and others did not survive a Territory’s admission to the Union as a State. Pp. 58–62.

New York State Rifle & Pistol Assn., Inc. v. Bruen (06/23/2022)

On the ATF 80% handgun ban

The ATF recently released a statement that polymer 80% frames for handguns are all “readily convertible” into functional firearms, and thus have to be treated like firearms.

That isn’t exactly true. 80 percent arms is reporting that their 80% handgun frames are unaffected by the letter because a Texas judge has placed an injunction on the ATF enforcing any bans on their products. If you want an 80% handgun frame, you can still get them here.

Antigun is more important than anticop

The same leftist news media that was screaming for defunding the police is deleting my comments that police should receive firearms training. Here is the deleted comment:

The Deputy who fired this shot should be prosecuted to the fullest extent of the law. There is no excuse for this sort of recklessly negligent horseplay. Since the sheriff seems to takeaway from this incident that the Deputy should have known the gun was loaded based upon how much it weighed, I would also suggest that the entire Sheriff’s department be forced to undergo a firearm safety refresher course. This incident is a sure sign that training is lacking and attention to firearm safety is not being taken seriously.
In this class, they can stress the four rules.

1 Treat all guns as if they are always loaded. (not just when they feel heavy enough to be loaded)

2 Don’t point a gun at anything you aren’t willing to destroy (including in jest)

3 Don’t put your finger on the trigger until ready to shoot.

4 Know what your target is, and what is behind it.
The life that is saved may be your own.

Why? Because leftists hate one thing more than cops- guns. They need to make this a gun death “If a well trained cop can make this mistake, an untrained civilian won’t do any better”