Silence the opposition War on the Right

Be careful what you say

They are listening and looking for a reason to come and take you.

War on the Right

Rent control

In reference to the article that was the subject of yesterday’s post on evictions, there is this comment:

Maybe it’s time for nationwide rent control. We can set a specific allowable profit percentage on all rentals and take greed out of the mix. Kinda like they do for public utilities. You want an increase, you petition the oversight board and prove you need it.

Communism always starts by vilifying the landlords.

War on the Right

Landlord not the issue

This story talks about how blacks are being evicted more often than whites. The story is written to make you believe that discrimination is at play. They detail the eviction of Deltonya Thomas, her boyfriend, and their five kids.

A look at the facts of the case tell a different story. Deltonya is a 34 year old woman with 5 kids, aged 16 to 5. She and her boyfriend signed a 12 month lease in November of 2019, with the move out date being October 31, 2020. A year later, November 2020, they didn’t pay rent. Even though the lease had expired, they didn’t pay rent, nor did they vacate the property.

On November 19, the landlord filed for the eviction. The only response from Deltonya was to write a letter to the judge on December 2, asking for 30 days to find another apartment. The case dragged on for two more months, until the family was finally evicted on February 2, three months after the expiration of the lease.

This family got to live in a $1400 a month apartment for three months without paying a dime. The real victim here is the landlord, who lost $4200 in unpaid rent, $400 in court and service fees, plus whatever their lawyer cost them. Sure, they got to keep the security deposit, but that likely got eaten up in repairing the damage done to the property. It isn’t like tenants being evicted are known for taking care of the rental property they are being removed from.

Silence the opposition War on the Right


At 73 years old, Marion Lambert ran a farm where he sold eggs, honey, milk, and produce on the honor system. You stop by the farm, leave some money, then take what you want. Mr. Lambert was also one of the most hated men in Central Florida. He was recently found dead on his farm with head trauma. The police claim that foul play is not suspected. His family thinks that he may have been injured by a bull while working on his farm.

So why is this death suspicious to me? Why was Mr Lambert hated so much? If you have ever driven down I-75 or I-4, you have seen his handiwork. He received a permit to build a monument to fallen soldiers, then built that monument. The left hated him for it. So did many local politicians. Why? The monument was built to honor

Confederate soldiers.

That monument included flying the world’s largest “Confederate flag.” Lambert told reporters that his goal in raising the huge Confederate flag was to “preserve Southern heritage” and create “a memorial to those who served.” He said he wasn’t racist and was bothered by the fact that people feel bad and divided when they see the flag. “It does bother me, a lot,” he said. “They don’t understand what it means.”

The left hated him for it. The flag itself had to be taken down for a time last summer, because there were those on the left who were threatening to destroy the flag and attack the owners. According to the left that is terrorism, unless they are the ones doing it.

So even though he was 73, he didn’t die of an age related malady. He died of head trauma. When “white supremacists” are being declared to be public enemies and terrorists and a man who is so hated dies of head trauma, that to me is suspicious until proven otherwise.

Blog News Power Grab


It sometimes seems as if you are alone in the world. That was what happened to me yesterday. I let those who have no fight in them get to me. I needed a short breather. It seems as though the news is all bad. In the middle of all of this bad news, the bill from my ER visit two weeks ago arrived: It was for $53,000. Luckily, some calls to the insurance company got my part of the bill down to a more reasonable $1700.

Then I saw Larry Correia’s post. Here is what got me back on my feet:

Some of you know it, but you’re too scared to talk. You’re the ones who piss me off the most. The ones who come to me at events in confidence or send me sheepish emails about what goes on behind the scenes, and how you recognize the rot, the fucking cancer in the bones of your organization. But you do nothing, you say nothing in public, you never take a stand, and so you get bulldozed. Great. You fucking deserve it, cowards. You know who you are.

You cowards know who you are- the ones who demand that OTHERS take a stand. While you ask that others take the risks, saying that YOUR life, YOUR pension, YOUR job, and YOUR fortune are too important to risk because “it’s just an AR-15,” or “it was only a little bit of fraud, not enough to change anything,” or even “they protesters only burned down a few businesses.”

When my fire department hired a fire chief from New York, who immediately declared that ALL firearms we came in contact with were to be turned over to police so they would be confiscated and lost in bureaucratic mazes until the owner gave up, I risked my job by compromising. I unloaded them, held on to them until our business was concluded, then returned them to the owner. Those who are on my side called me a jackboot and said if I had any guts, I would have told the chief to kiss my ass. Those are the same people who today tell me that “Be realistic here. Who is going to risk their lives, their family’s lives, their retirement, their home, etc… to keep an AR-15? Will you?” Yes. Not only will I, but I already have.

Now that they are trying to silence those of us who value liberty, there are those of us who are using our own money and resources to fight back. This server? I have laid out about a kilobuck of my own cash setting it up. This isn’t a plea for money. It’s a fact. I believe in freedom, I believe in the ideals of this nation, and I am willing to sacrifice for them. Are you?

Power Grab

Sunshine and daisies

Here is the response that I got to this post:

Going out in a blaze of glory, so the newly installed dictatorship can sleep safely at night is the way to go. Thinking that 1 in 1000 will resist is nice, but in reality, the SWAT team has a really good idea of which person will resist, and who will not. Yet, the image of a gun owner being locked up, and spending their life savings defending themselves will cause 99% of the remaining “resisters” to reconsider their position. The media will make sure the first dozen or so people getting massive jail terms or fines ends up all over the press. And, resistance will shred.

What you are forgetting is this: Once the cops gun down the first gun owner, it’s on. It would be a rather stupid tactic for gun owners to simply continue their lives while cowering in their homes, waiting for the knock on the door. Too many of us have seen how that movie ends.

Instead, prudence and proper tactics would say that the police are now enemy combatants. The only way to win such a conflict would be to attack the enemy where he is weak. The lone officer sitting on the side of the road. The cop out playing with his kids in the yard. Much easier than taking on the stack outside of your door. The only question would be how many gun owners would take on the fight, and how many would turn their guns (and their fellow gun owners) in to the police, so they could keep their pension?

Power Grab

Beware the Sunshine Patriot

There are many who claim to be on the side of freedom. They then say things like “Be realistic here. Who is going to risk their lives, their family’s lives, their retirement, their home, etc… to keep an AR-15? Will you?”

Where is your line in the sand? When they take away your:

  • right to vote
  • right to speak freely
  • protest your government’s actions
  • practice your religion
  • right resist the above through your right to bear arms?

Where is your limit? Thomas Paine once said:

THESE are the times that try men’s souls. The summer soldier and the sunshine patriot will, in this crisis, shrink from the service of their country; but he that stands it now, deserves the love and thanks of man and woman.

Tyranny, like hell, is not easily conquered; yet we have this consolation with us, that the harder the conflict, the more glorious the triumph.

What we obtain too cheap, we esteem too lightly: it is dearness only that gives every thing its value. Heaven knows how to put a proper price upon its goods; and it would be strange indeed if so celestial an article as FREEDOM should not be highly rated.

I once pledged to fight for the ideals that this nation was founded upon. I went to war because the people in charge told me to. Now those in charge, many of them the EXACT same people, are telling me that they are taking from me what my ancestor’s fought so hard to secure. It isn’t just an AR-15, it is my very freedom, the heart of this nation itself.

“If ye love wealth better than liberty,
the tranquility of servitude
better than the animating contest of freedom,
go home from us in peace.
We ask not your counsels or your arms.
Crouch down and lick the hands which feed you.
May your chains set lightly upon you,
and may posterity forget that you were our countrymen.”


We’ve got it from here

When I was a newly discharged veteran, I tried opening my own business repairing electric motors, pumps, and transmissions. Although the military had taught me the technical side of things, I didn’t know anything about running a business. I only lasted about three years before I was flat broke. It was during those three years that I discovered Rush Limbaugh’s show. I played his show on the radio every single day. It was refreshing to hear someone speaking the very things that were in my head.

Sure, we didn’t agree on everything. His stance on the war on drugs, for example. Even so, our basic philosophies were remarkably similar. I realized that I was not crazy. His show was the light that guided me through the dark Clinton years when it felt as if all was lost. He did the same for all of us- I think that he was directly responsible for major changes in this nation- he created Conservative talk radio and the contract with America that saved us from the Clinton AWB. He influenced the creation of Fox news, the Drudge report, and spawned the Conservative movement as we know it today. We all owe him a debt, whether we realize it or not.

There are those who are saying goodbye in ways that are far better than my own words.

Today, we are a little less fortunate, the Conservative movement is a little weaker without him. Even so, we will continue the fight. We must. Rest easy Rush- we’ve got it from here.

fun Power Grab

Third Trump Impeachment

My apologies to Monty Python.

Pelosi: We have found an insurrectionist, may we burn him?
McConnell: How do you known he is an insurrectionist?
SWALLWELL: He looks like one!
Pelosi: Bring him forward
Trump: I’m not an insurrectionist! I’m not an insurrectionist!
McConnell: ehh… but you are dressed like one.
Trump: They dressed me up like this!
Democrats in unison: naah no we didn’t… no.
Trump: And this isn’t my nose, it’s a false one.
(McConnell lifts up carrot nose)
McConnell: Well?
PELOSI: Well we did do the nose
McConnell: The nose?
PELOSI: …And the hat, but he is an insurrectionist!
(all: yeah, burn him burn him!)
McConnell: Did you dress him up like this?
PELOSI: No! Yes. a bit! But he has got a wart!
Joe Biden: We’re gonna need more troops.
McConnell: What makes you think he is an insurrectionist?
AOC: Well, he had me assassinated!
McConnell: Assassinated?!
AOC: I got better.
Swalwell: Burn him anyway! McConnell: There are ways of telling whether he is an insurrectionist.
PELOSI: Are there? Well then tell us!
McConnell: Tell me… what do you do with insurrectionists?
P3: Burn’em! Burn them up! (burn burn burn)
McConnell: What do you burn apart from insurrectionists?
AOC: Books!
McConnell: and what are books made of?
Rep Hank Johnson: More troops!
McConnell: So, why do insurrectionists burn?
SWALLWELL: Cuz they’re made of… wood?
McConnell: Gooood.
McConnell: So, how do we tell if he is made of paper?
PELOSI: Print money on him!
McConnell: Ahh, but can you not also make money out of thin air?
PELOSI: Oh yeah…
McConnell: Does money sink in water?
AOC: No. It floats!
PELOSI: Let’s throw him into the swamp!
McConnell: What also floats in water?
Hunter Biden: Hookers!
SWALLWELL: Chinese women!
Hunter: Hookers!
Bernie Sanders: Free Tuition!
Rep Johnson: Won’t more troops tip Guam over?
PELOSI: Cherries
Biden: A Duck!
McConnell: Exactly! So, logically…
Pelosi(thinking): If he weighs the same as a book… he’s made of wood!
McConnell: And therefore,
(pause & think)
Pelosi: An insurrectionist!
McConnell: We shall use my largest scales.

War on the Right

National Security Threat

The State Department had a virtual meeting on Wednesday, the topic of which was “Racism Being a Threat to National Security and Democracy.” We all know that “Domestic Violent Extremists” are the threat du jour. The FBI has been playing up the threat that “racist extremists” pose to the security of the “Homeland” for the past few months.

It seems to me like this is the excuse that is going to be used for all of the draconian measures that are going to come out of this new regime in the future. The Biden administration has made that perfectly clear. The House has asked Biden to formally declare racist extremists to be a national security threat.

Just who are these racists? Well, the left has come out and said that all white people are racists. So there is that. This movement to declare all white people as possible terrorists has been coming for months, if not years.

What I am struggling to find is some specific reason why such a declaration is so important. The specific wording seems to indicate that there is some specific power or capability that would be triggered by this. I am trying to figure out what it is.