Pocket Vacancy

Proving that we are moving from a Cold Civil War to a hotter one, Shut Down DC is offering money to anyone disclosing the location of the six Conservative SCOTUS justices.

The reason for this, at least to me, is completely obvious. They WANT some looney to assassinate one or more of them. Such an act would allow Biden to name their replacement. This is nothing more than a group of people who want to commit murder but don’t have the balls to do it themselves. They know that there are people in their movement whose screws are loose, and are hoping that they can spur them into action by broadcasting the location of their desired targets.

I am willing to be that there will be a serious assassination attempt on a SCOTUS justice before the end of the year, with more copycats, and I would give you a 50% chance that at least one of those attempts will be successful before the 2024 election.

Meanwhile, the Republican baseball shooting of 2017 didn’t go far enough. This time, they are going to do something even bigger.

Now or Never is choosing to engage in direct action, it noted, because “conventional tactics are not enough” and it is “time to escalate.” 

The violence is ramping up again. If you think 2020 was bad, you ain’t seen nothing yet.


When leftist protesters breach the fence around SCOTUS during their protests over abortion, will we see 30,000 armed troops deployed? Will those breaching the fence be called insurrectionists? Will they be held without bail for over a year, awaiting a trial that never seems to come? Will it be called a “threat to our Democracy?” Will they be charged with intent to impede or disrupt the orderly conduct of Government business?

I think we all know the answers.

Coup Continues

The left continues accusing Republicans of plotting to overthrow the government, even though it was the Democrats that did so. The election was falsified, and now anyone who opposes or exposes what the left did is going to be ousted from power. Perhaps it will be a few Republicans, perhaps all Republicans who aren’t RINOs, or perhaps it will be the entire party.

This will all come to a head before the election. Hang on, shit is going to seem surreal.

I Was Right

Back in February of 2021, I posted a copy of a video showing Capitol police letting J6 protesters into the building. At best, this eliminated the chances that this was a crime, at worst it is evidence of entrapment.

Matthew Martin produced a similar video as a part of his defense to the charges he was facing from the J6 protest. The judge in the case found that he “reasonably believed” that police officers let him into the US Capitol during the Jan. 6 breach, finding defendant Matthew Martin not guilty of all charges. Let’s review that video again:

The Capitol Police officers are standing there holding the doors open.

The verdict represents an early test of efforts by some Jan. 6 defendants to argue that police allowed them to enter the Capitol, or that they believed they had permission because no officer told them to stop. The crux of Martin’s defense was that, in his own words, he was “let in” by two US Capitol Police officers who were standing in the doorway when he entered and made no attempt to stop him. He argued that one of the officers waved him through. Looking at the video above, it’s hard to argue that no one entered the Capitol building with permission.


This, one thousand times, this.


The left is claiming that SCOTUS Justice Thomas’ wife is no longer eligible to be considered human, because she believes that Biden stole the election. Further, this even disqualifies her husband from bein on the court:

The revelations that Ginni Thomas advocated for the overthrow of our democracy are disqualifying – not just for her as a human being of any decency, but for her husband Supreme Court Justice Clarence Thomas

Women’s March Executive Director Rachael O’Leary Carmona

The left is going insane because the court isn’t tilted in their favor, so they will do whatever it takes to tilt the court in their favor.

Impeaching a justice or packing the court will be a sign that the end is near. Our government will have ceased to exist. All pretense of a Constitutional Republic will have been abandoned.


The Biden administration is planning to prioritize medical care to people based upon race and ethnicity. Anyone who is not White will receive priority of care in order to correct “longstanding systemic health and social inequities.”

Genocide always follows a similar pattern. It’s a process, not a single event. A key feature of the genocidal process is that it is a patterned form of attack on a group. The first step is in causing others to recognize that a group of people is different, then systematically placing the blame for society’s woes upon those people.

Once everyone is good and angry at those “other” people, you can begin to take action, like denying them the rights of citizens. It isn’t long before denying rights moves on to camps, boxcars, and active elimination.

If you are white, you have been targeted as one of those other people as, undeserving of the rights that the rest of society is entitled. In history classes, I always wondered how the people living in nations could sit and watch as their government moved down the path to genocide.

Now I know.