Control is the End Game

Like Australia, in Italy you must accept the vaccine passport that includes an app on your cell phone that tracks your location. If you fail to get this app, your employer can’t fire you. Of course, they can’t pay you, either.

If you refuse this tracking device and the vaccine that goes with it, you can’t participate in society. No dining out, no entering any government building or business, no paycheck. You will be an unperson.

That is the endgame: Your entire life will be controlled by the government.

Thoughts on J6 trials

The government is dragging its feet and burying the defense attorneys in evidence. The idea is to delay trials and force plea deals. At least one judge is concerned about the right to a speedy trial. One of the things that really bug me about these articles is how they always mention that the J6 protesters entered the Capitol in a “military stack” formation, because they held on to each other to avoid being separated as they entered.

You know who else travels in a military stack formation?

Oh shit. Kindergarten commandos in a military stack formation.

One couple from Central Florida has been languishing in jail while awaiting trial.

All of this is being done to arm twist the defendants into accepting plea deals. The people involved have already spent more time in jail awaiting trial than they would have by pleading guilty. In fact, this guy just accepted a plea deal, and he will still be sitting in jail until late January. The crime he plead guilty to carries a maximum of six months in jail. Kelly agreed to a deal pleading guilty to one count of parading and demonstrating inside the Capitol, and will likely be released with time served and a fine.

According to the article, the government claims that Kelly broke a window to break into what he thought was the White House. There are a few problems with this. First, if he thought he was breaking into the White House, there is no way that he could be guilty of conspiring to interrupt the count of the electoral college votes. Second, he didn’t break a window to enter. Here is the picture provided by the DOJ, showing him walking in through the door:

On top of that, he wasn’t too interested in doing anything like hunting for Senators. He was more interested in taking pictures and texting.

This entire thing is bullshit.

Side note: Be careful when out shooting. Do not take pictures. The government will use that to make it seem as though you are training to be a member of the militia Delta force.

Biden cutting off COVID medication to southern states

The Biden Administration, through the Federal Department of Health and Human Services, has cut off the shipment of monoclonal antibodies to Texas, Florida, Mississippi, Tennessee, Georgia, Louisiana and Alabama because of a claimed shortage. The federal government and mainstream media are promoting the restriction as “staving off shortages” due to “dwindling supplies.”

However, you will note that all seven of the states have Republican governors. One of those, Florida, is the governor that Biden threatened just last week. If you remember, he made the statement:

If they’ll not help, if these governors won’t help us beat the pandemic, I’ll use my power as president to get them out of the way.

Make no mistake, Joe Biden and the rest of his administration is at war with the citizens of this country. This decision WILL kill people. This is every bit as despicable as providing small pox infected blankets. This is a deliberate attack against the citizens of the southern US.

If it’s administered within ten days of the initial infection, the treatment can reduce the need to hospitalize a COVID patient by 70 percent, according to medical experts. Governor Desantis has been recommending the treatment since August. My mother and brother both received the treatment and recovered fully with only minor symptoms.

Now the President is using medicine to conduct biological warfare against the south. The first civil war started over much less.

We are on our own

The list of those who are exempt from the vaccine mandate grows:

Meanwhile, OSHA doesn’t have enough inspectors to enforce this. Not by a long shot. So what this will become is another weapon to allow businesses to be targeted for political reasons. I am sure that OSHA will be all over

The fix is already in. So called “legal and Constitutional experts” are already lining up to say that the courts are going to let this stand. Once it does, the precedent will allow the President to enact almost any mandate he decides to.

Money making opportunity

Here is how the governor of Florida has an opportunity to get billions of dollars in free Federal money:

Former Vice President Joe Biden said on Thursday that those whose pay is threatened by Governors for refusing Federal COVID mandates, “I promise you, I will have your back.”

So here it is: Governor DeSantis should immediately stop sending money to every single entity who refuses to follow the Biden vaccine mandate. Then Biden will use Federal money to completely fund all of those entities and Florida will be free to keep the money they held back.