Woke whore

The New York Times published a piece by a prostitute who complains that she has been consenting to sexual and nonsexual contact against her will. She gave a handjob to a boy when she was 12- because he asked her to. Then she made money for three years while in her early 20’s, working as a dominatrix prostitute, saying that she did it because it paid more than food service. She even admits that she chose that line of work of her own free will.

She complains that human touch now repulses her. I just don’t feel sorry for you- you CHOSE to be a whore.



I don’t like most art. Why? Because it doesn’t take any talent or skill to throw random colors up and call it art. This, in my opinion, does not display any amount of talent:

So I just cannot understand how someone can get paid half a million bucks for painting that.

climate change

Global Warning?

In 1959, the US Government drilled some ice cores in search of a location to put a missile base in Greenland. They found plants frozen into the ice, which indicates that Greenland was ice free recently, in climate terms. At some point within the last million years, possibly only several hundred thousand years ago, Greenland was ice free.

Now, to humans, a million years seems like a long time, but that is relatively recent in climate and geological terms. In fact, atmospheric CO2 was lower a million years ago than it is now. This indicates to me that climate is cyclical, and has little to do with humans adding CO2 to the atmosphere.


Argument from authority

So I was at work, when one of the staff doctors came into the unit to ask about a patient. Now, the rule in the hospital is that masks are required at all times. That rule is really only obeyed in the patient areas of the hospital, and everyone in our work center was maskless. Except this doctor.

He came in wearing TWO masks (which no one in the entire hospital really does). He approaches me and asks, “Do you have a mask?”

As I am putting it on, I told him, “Just so you know, I am fully vaccinated.”

He begins chewing me out in front of my subordinates, tells me that he is a virologist, and being vaccinated doesn’t matter, yada yada. Now, I am open to new information, and I really wanted to know why the vaccine didn’t work to prevent transmission, but I also knew that he would take any inquiry as an argument. Arguing with a doctor while standing in the hospital where you are employed is the fast track to getting fired even if you are right and the doctor is wrong, and knowing that the easiest way to disarm someone trying to argue with you is to agree with them, I replied with: “Really? I wasn’t aware of that. Thanks for letting me know. I really thought the vaccine was the solution.”

Mollified, the doctor left after presenting his argumentum ab auctoritate. As soon as he left, I looked up his license and his CV. It turns out that none of his education involved any more virology than any other med school students, and his medical school education was 12 years old. Not only that, his specialty is interventional cardiology. It wasn’t enough to make him feel important that he is a surgeon- he has to lie to make himself feel more impressive.

He lied in order to present himself as an authority on a subject that he didn’t really know a lot about. I was in medical school more recently than he was, and my classes on infectious disease was more current than his. Now that I know him to be a liar, I will struggle to believe him if he even tries to give me the correct time. Asshat.

My subordinates told me that he routinely abuses the staff- especially the males. He seems to enjoy using his power in the hospital to embarrass and belittle the staff, who have to take it if they want to keep their jobs. He is largely disliked throughout the hospital by the nurses, techs, and other medical personnel.

He is just an over educated blowhard that was probably bullied as a kid, and is now taking it out on everyone.

Criminals Insanity War on the Right

Aloha Snackbar

The shooter in the Colorado Supermarket was a 21 year old, pro-ISIS, anti-Trump, practicing Muslim. The shooting will still be used to vilify white, male gun owners.

EDITED TO ADD: He was clearly radicalized by watching CNN. We should shut them down while more facts are gathered, just to be safe.

climate change

Science is a thing

We keep hearing about how cows are releasing carbon into the atmosphere. So lets talk about something called the “Law of Conservation of Mass.” It’s a thing. Now cows, like nearly all living things on the planet, are made of organic compounds. An organic compound is a chemical compound that contains the elements oxygen, CARBON, and hydrogen, which means that they contain carbon-hydrogen bonds.

Again, nearly all living things on the planet get their energy either directly from the sun, or from consuming other living things. The cow gets those carbon atoms by ingesting other living things- namely plants. Plants are largely made of carbohydrates, which are organic compounds.

Where do plants get their carbohydrates from? They make them, using water and carbon dioxide from the atmosphere and energy from the sun.

This process is called the “carbon cycle.” The carbon is absorbed from the air, ingested by the cow, and then either becomes part of the cow or is discharged in the form of cow farts, exhaled CO2, or manure.

The point here is that the cow can’t release more carbon from the atmosphere than it has absorbed from plants. Where does the plant get the carbon? From the atmosphere. It’s a cycle.

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Monopoly goes woke

Hasbro is rewriting the Community Chest cards for Monopoly in order to be more woke. I read them, and it is nauseating. Some examples:

  • You volunteer to paint a mural at your local school. Collect $50
  • You volunteer at your local literacy center and learn some fun phrases in a new language! Collect $100
  • You help a local school build a playground- and you get to test the slide! Collect $100
  • You graciously host a group of international students. They appreciate the home cooking! For each house you own, pay $40. For each hotel you own, pay $115.
  • You didn’t shop local! Pay $50
  • You found a wallet on the ground and decided not to return it. Go to jail, go directly to jail. Do not pass go. Do not collect $200
  • You held a neighborhood party- but didn’t recycle your trash. Pay $100
  • You volunteer to run the social media accounts for a non-profit art center, and you meet some pretty talented people. Collect $100

Woke garbage. Still, who plays board games any more?


Physics is racist

Newton’s theory of gravity, and presumably all of Newtonian physics, is “Eurocentric” and must be eliminated so that black people can invent a science that “speaks to them.”

Insanity Police State

My advice to you

If you find a cache of Civil war era gold bullion weighing in at several tons, you quietly dig it up, cart it off, and KEEP YOUR MOUTH SHUT before melting it down and selling it off in small batches over a number of years. The last thing that you should do is tell the FBI, because they will take it from you, keep it, and declare its very existence to be classified.

climate change

Carbon scam

Three years ago, I blogged about a company that claimed they were making fuel from the carbon dioxide in the air. I outlined the reasons why this was a scam.

Now the same exact company has changed their sales pitch. They are now claiming that they can suck carbon dioxide out of the atmosphere, store it in the ground, and the pitch even uses the same pictures and footage.

These companies are using pseudo-scientific mumbo jumbo to trick people into giving them grant money to save the planet.