COVID news

The hospital where I work has a large number of COVID cases. I had to call the head nurse this morning and tell them that there was no more room for new patients this morning. At that point, we began discharging any patients that we could, so that we could make room for the 57 COVID patients who were being held in the ED, waiting for a bed.

Today, we had six different patients who were COVID positive die. Three of them were directly related to COVID, one was indirectly related, and two died of other causes, but were COVID positive, meaning that they will likely be classified as COVID deaths. In all six cases, the patients were at least 70 years old. Four of the six patients were more than 80 years old, with two of them being more than 85 years old. I do not know their vaccination status.

The patients on the COVID floor are being treated with donor plasma, as well as vitamins C and D, and high flow oxygen. I do not know what else they are receiving, because I am not in the COVID unit.

That is what I know.


Disney employees have 60 days to get jabbed

Disney has announced that all employees must be vaccinated within 60 days or be fired.


COVID update

When I left work on Tuesday, the hospital where I work had more than 30 COVID patients admitted. I was off for two days and returned to find that the COVID totals had more than doubled to 84 patients. So an entire wing of one floor is now occupied by COVID patients, and they are putting them two in a room, which hospitals don’t like doing because of Obamacare and its reliance on Press-Ganey scores.

As far as I know, we have not had any fatalities due to COVID lately. The ICU is now full, with more than half of the patients in it being COVID patients.

That’s all I know for now.


Fact check

Vox Populi posted a link to a story about the passing of the CEO of UF Health, along with an insinuation that his death was related to the COVID vaccine.

Time after time, we caution the left not to attempt to spin a story about mass shootings before all of the facts are in. It appears that the same should apply to the right. The CEO of UF Health died from injuries sustained in a jet ski accident.


So what?

The hospital where I work was once down to only two COVID patients. The specialized COVID floor was shut down and reduced to a single wing weeks ago. Then the wing was reduced to a single hallway. Two weeks ago, there was not even a hallway- there were only two rooms with COVID patients. The hospital relaxed many COVID protocols- where we were once testing every single patient for COVID no matter why they were being seen, patients were being tested for COVID only if they had symptoms. It seemed that COVID was over.

When I last left work yesterday evening, there were more than thirty COVID patients. What caused the big change? Well for starters, the hospital began testing every patient again. Many patients who are COVID positive are there for other reasons and have no COVID symptoms. Many, but not all.

In the ICU, more than half of the patients there are COVID patients. We had a COVID fatality on Saturday. Every ICU patient with COVID is unvaccinated, and most of the other COVID positive patients are as well.

So what?

If people choose to be unvaccinated, that is their choice. I have chosen to get the vaccine. If someone else reviews the facts and doesn’t want it, that is up to them. What they choose doesn’t affect you.

COVID Power Grab

Blinding speed

It took 14 months to go from “Fourteen days to Flatten the Curve” to the government going door to door demanding to see your papers. If someone in July of 2019 had told you that all of this was going to happen within the next two years, what would you have said to them?


Figures don’t lie

but liars figure, as the old adage goes. It seems that the number of COVID cases is WAY down. Why is that? The vaccine? Nope. The cycle threshold.

Just before the election, the Ct was 40.

An hour after the inauguration, the CDC changed the Ct to 30, which reduced the number of positive test results by 68%.

Then on May 4 it was reduced for any test of a vaccinated individual to 28. This will mean that positives will be lower for anyone vaccinated. Along with that, asymptomatic or mild infections will no longer be recorded as “COVID cases.”

One year ago, nearly to the day, I proposed that COVID was being used to influence the election. I also predicted that COVID would disappear right after the inauguration. I almost nailed it.

On a side note, my hospital has four COVID patients being cared for by a single nurse. The “COVID hall” has 28 rooms with a possible capacity of 56 patients at double occupancy. There are FOUR patients in there.

COVID Government

Why stop there?

The Biden administration is now teaming with social media dating sites to release health information to others who view your dating profile. HIPAA be damned, if you have received the COVID vaccine, you can get a token added to your social media page that certifies your vaccine status.

Why stop there? Let’s also get:

  • a token for HIV. If you have tested negative for HIV in the past 90 days, you should be able to get a token for that. It could say “Go ahead, you can suck it, its disease free.”
  • or how about tokens for people who are here legally? A sticker that says “My back is dry.”

Perhaps we can make people without the vaccine wear something so that everyone knows that they are not safe. Here is the first design:

Are those offensive? Of course they are, and so is one for the vaccine.


Lab results

Last April, Donald Trump called COVID the “China virus” and people called him a racist. Last May, Trump was accused of the “big lie” for saying China had something to do with it. That message was repeated recently.

Now it turns out that the CDC director that was appointed by Biden is now admitting that the virus may have originated in a lab.


Evolving science

There was a time when humans believed that the Earth was flat, and anyone who approached the “ends of the Earth” would fall off. Then science proved it was round.

At that point, it was believed that everything in the Universe revolved around the Earth. The Earth, it was believed, was the center of all creation and anyone who believed differently was put to death for heresy.

And so on. Evolving science is a misnomer. Science evolves, facts do not. You see, all science is, is man’s attempt to describe and understand the natural world by observing phenomenon. If the description fits the observed conditions, it becomes a confirmed theory. As soon as a theory is observed to NOT fit the conditions, it is either modified or discarded. That is what we mean by “evolving science.”

So when Doctor Fauci tells you that you no longer need to wear a mask if you have been vaccinated because “science has evolved” what he is really telling you is that the proposed explanation of the facts that he and his colleagues came up with was incorrect. In other words, science hasn’t evolved, science was WRONG.

  • When Fauci and the CDC said that only medical professionals should wear masks, he was wrong.
  • When Fauci and the CDC said that everyone should wear masks, he was wrong.
  • When Fauci and the CDC said that everyone should wear two masks, he was wrong.
  • and on and on…

My question becomes: “When has Doctor Fauci ever been right?”

You know that your career is nearly over when even the leftists at SNL are making fun of you: