COVID Police State tyranny

On second thought

In an earlier post, I thought that counterfeit vaccine cards were the way to go. It turns out that I was wrong.

The FBI is going after counterfeit cards using 18 USC 1017. Here is what the law says:

Whoever fraudulently or wrongfully affixes or impresses the seal of any department or agency of the United States, to or upon any certificate, instrument, commission, document, or paper or with knowledge of its fraudulent character, with wrongful or fraudulent intent, uses, buys, procures, sells, or transfers to another any such certificate, instrument, commission, document, or paper, to which or upon which said seal has been so fraudulently affixed or impressed, shall be fined under this title or imprisoned not more than five years, or both.


If you use an appropriated card that has the CDC seal on it before you get it, it seems to me that you are not the one who affixed or impressed the seal on the document. It doesn’t matter, of course. They will try to chuck you in prison. It is up to each person to decide for themselves if it is better to let them inject you, be a pariah, or risk prison.


Litmus test

A cruise ship just docked in Belize. Every crew member and every passenger over the age of 12 was vaccinated. Every living soul on board was tested and shown not to have COVID in the 72 hours prior to sailing. By the time the ship had entered port in Belize City, 27 passengers had COVID. All 27 were vaccinated, had mild or no symptoms, and were in isolation, according to the statement. The tourism board said 99.98% of the ship’s crew was vaccinated, as well as 96.5% of its passengers. Passengers are required to wear masks while they are inside of common areas.

How you view the above paragraph has become a litmus test of your politics. You either believe that this is evidence that vaccines and masking aren’t effective, or you find yourself believing that these steps are keeping the people who are ill from experiencing more severe symptoms.

I think that, if you tell me which camp you fall into, I can predict your political leanings on almost any other controversial subject with 90% certainty.

COVID tyranny

No records

The FBI says that it’s a felony to use the CDC’s logo without permission, and can net you a 5 year jail term and thousands in fines.

No one keeps a searchable record of who has and has not been vaccinated.

So an answer seems easy to me. Alter the logo, then make the alteration difficult to see. Damage and dog ear the fake card to the point that it looks well worn and the logo is smudged as to be nearly unidentifiable.

COVID War on the Right

The path to the dark side

Now we get to forced vaccination. The newspapers are publishing letters to the editor calling for punitive steps like the denial of tax credits, student loans, and prohibition on dining out for those who refuse vaccines.

It’s also being reported that employees terminated by their employers for refusing the vaccine will be ineligible for unemployment.

Make no mistake about it- the communists have been looking for a way to get Americans hating those on the right, and now they have found it. They are stirring up hate, and this path always leads to genocide.

“Fear is the path to the dark side. Fear leads to anger. Anger leads to hate. Hate leads to suffering.”


If your employer fires you because you won’t get the COVID vaccine, don’t expect to collect unemployment from Marketwatch

Don’t Expect Unemployment If You Refuse COVID-19 Vaccine: from an attorney


60 percent failure rate

News out of Israel is that the Pfizer vaccine fails to prevent the vaccinated from getting COVID 60% of the time. The figures also show that among those who were vaccinated in January, there was an 84% infection rate, compared to 56% of those vaccinated in February, 33% of those who received their shots in March, and 25% for those vaccinated in April. The vaccine is less effective over time. Expect a lifetime of jabs every six months, just to remain 75% effective.

Never fear, only 14% of those infected had to be hospitalized.

How does that compare to people without vaccines? Well that depends on age, health factors, etc.

A 50-year-old man with just two symptoms in their first week, has less than a 25% chance of needing hospital treatment. 

But a 60-year-old woman with 10 different symptoms in their first week, is at very high risk, with a more than 75% chance of needing oxygen later on.

The question remains: What, exactly, does the COVID vaccine do? What does the science say? I believe that little of what we are getting from the government, the press, and government scientists is actual science, and even less about the truth.

COVID War on the Right

#Resist, bitches

The party who was all about “punching Nazis” and opposing ID to vote is now demanding the people present papers to leave their homes.

Meanwhile, Americans demonstrate capitalism and the unofficial motto of the USA “You aren’t my boss” by making and selling fake vaccine papers.

LOL. #resist, bitches.


NOLA promises broken

I am from New Orleans. There is a cemetery in Mandeville, a town on the north side of Lake Pontchartrain, where my family history can be traced back more than 8 generations. We go to New Orleans often, and love staying there for little weekend getaways.

We were in New Orleans during Mardi Gras of 2020, along with a large contingent of my family. None of us got COVID, and we went to some of the balls, with my aunt riding on a parade float.

For 2021, the mayor of New Orleans cancelled Mardi Gras, the Jazz festival, and other celebrations, things that the city’s businesses need to survive. The promise was that they could be rescheduled later in the year.

That turned out to be a lie. Our government is destroying us. I am beginning to think that this is deliberate. If you wanted to destroy this country, I can’t think of anything you would be doing differently.


The mark

People are all upset that they can’t tell who is vaccinated and who isn’t, so they are broadcasting their vaccine status by having it tattooed on their arms. There is even a high school in New Hampshire that was writing vaccine confirmation in permanent marker on students’ hands.

But can’t those be faked? So a pair of Russian entrepreneurs has come up with QR code tattoos that can be used to identify your vaccine status. There is even talk of invisible tattoos to mark those who have been vaccinated.

Technology is offering an answer. IBM is using cell phone based digital wallets and block chains to verify vaccine status.

Bill Gates is proposing that our medical records and vaccine status be imbedded in our bodies.

Proving that today’s satire is tomorrow’s fact, the Babylon Bee is right on the spot with this. For Convenience, Vaccine Passport Can Now Be Tattooed On Your Hand Or Forehead

It started as mocking and satire.

Now it is moving towards reality.


Hospital Update

I had a chance to talk to one of the people in medical records while I was at work today. She tells me that two thirds of our COVID patients have been vaccinated, and with about the same percentage of Florida’s residents being vaccinated, I wonder if this vaccine isn’t really doing anything for COVID at all. I know that data isn’t the plural of anecdotes, but I wonder of we aren’t being lied to again.

In my last post on COVID, PapaSierra wants to know:

Why are patients being allowed to needlessly suffer, and perhaps die, when ivermectin is available? Are the doctors and administrator that afraid of the lefties?

Now I obviously haven’t talked to every doctor and patient involved, but after more than thirty years in the medical field, I have a couple of thoughts:

  • Since Ivermectin isn’t approved for use on COVID, many insurance companies aren’t going to pay for it
  • Ivermectin or not, some COVID patients will die. There are billboards all over Central Florida that look like this:

If a Doctor isn’t doing what everyone else is doing with regards to treating COVID, he or she can expect to hear from one of those ambulance chasers. The deposition will look like this:

Lawyer: “Has the Federal Government approved Ivermectin for the treatment of COVID? Please remember that you are under oath.”

Doctor: “No, it hasn’t, but…”

Lawyer: “And isn’t it also true that the US Food and Drug Administration recommends against the use of Ivermectin for the treatment of COVID?”

For that reason, no one wants to be the doctor who is the first or only one that is doing this. It’s the nail that sticks up that most often gets hammered down.

  • Not only that, but there is a law in the State of Florida that says any doctor who is successfully sued three times for malpractice will have his or her license to practice medicine permanently revoked. For that reason, doctors don’t go to court. They settle. The Doctor’s malpractice insurer surely knows this, and they will drop any doctor who is following that course of treatment.

I have seen this time and again. Years ago, I went to the state EMS convention and asked the Board of the Florida College of Emergency Physicians why they weren’t recommending a particular procedure, especially in light of some very convincing studies supporting it. The above answers were the very same ones I was given then.


COVID news

The hospital where I work has a large number of COVID cases. I had to call the head nurse this morning and tell them that there was no more room for new patients this morning. At that point, we began discharging any patients that we could, so that we could make room for the 57 COVID patients who were being held in the ED, waiting for a bed.

Today, we had six different patients who were COVID positive die. Three of them were directly related to COVID, one was indirectly related, and two died of other causes, but were COVID positive, meaning that they will likely be classified as COVID deaths. In all six cases, the patients were at least 70 years old. Four of the six patients were more than 80 years old, with two of them being more than 85 years old. I do not know their vaccination status.

The patients on the COVID floor are being treated with donor plasma, as well as vitamins C and D, and high flow oxygen. I do not know what else they are receiving, because I am not in the COVID unit.

That is what I know.