Criminals Power Grab

Destroying the police

The left has to destroy local and state police so that they can replace them with Federal police. They need centralized control so that they can consolidate power into one location.

So they advocate for “fixing toxic police” and “unbundling” police departments. The more they do that, the more crime and lawlessness. Once that happens, people will clamor for the Federal government to step in and “fix” the problem.

Crime Criminals

SNL and Chauvin

If you watch the SNL open about the Chauvin trial, they are setting the stage for riots to follow the acquittal of Chauvin. They are already laying the groundwork to permit the riots that we all know would follow a not guilty verdict.

You see, all right thinking people are supposed to know that Chauvin is guilty, and the only reason for an acquittal is that the entire system is corrupt. It couldn’t be because the jury saw all of the evidence and decided that the state had not met its burden of proof. Nope, it has to be racism.

Make no mistake- Chauvin will eventually go to jail, even if the Feds have to get him for some charge that dodges double jeopardy, but that will be after the politicians get the riots that they are looking for.

Crime Criminals

Facts don’t lie

A woman in Memphis became angry at Burger King employees because she believed that they were too slow in preparing her food. So she decided to get out of her car, lean in the drive through window, and began spraying bullets throughout the store.

Blacks make up 13% of the US population, but commit 53% of the homicides, 54% of the robberies, 33% of violent crime, and 43% of illegal weapons possession. In fact, Blacks are overrepresented in every category of crime in the US, except for DUI and public intoxication.

That isn’t racism, it is just fact.


The rest of the story

When I was a kid, Paul Harvey used to have a radio show called “The rest of the story” where he would do a short story about something that had occurred that “everyone” knew, and then would disclose the part of the story that was largely unknown. He would end the segment with “and now you know… the rest of the story.” With that out of the way:

Here is a tear jerking story about three young black people who were gunned down in their prime by evil, racist cops, when all they were doing was listening to the radio and “smoking.” What the story glosses over is that three handguns were found in the vehicle. What the story doesn’t mention is that at least one of them, Jaquan Kimbrough-Rucker, has a lengthy criminal record. He was convicted in 2018 for a felony in Indian River county (burglary), was sentenced to three years and wound up serving two years in prison for it (first year was credit for time served.) He was released early. He was involved in this case just weeks after being released from prison. Had he served his full sentence, this likely would not have happened.

The shooting can’t be interrupting him too much because he was arrested in December of 2020 for possession of a firearm by a convicted felon, and again in March of 2021 for possession of Fentanyl, Cocaine, Ecstacy, Xanax, resisting arrest, and intent to distribute.

Now without knowing whether or not they were business associates of this violent drug dealer, or merely in the wrong place, this wasn’t some young, innocent group of young people. The two young people who were killed were friends with this drug dealing violent criminal, and that is what got them killed. It wasn’t racism. It wasn’t out of control cops, it was another case of criminal black men that got them killed.

Now you know the rest of the story.

Crime Criminals

Mass shooter stopped?

There are stories all over mainstream media about the man in Atlanta who was arrested in a Publix grocery store while in possession of an AR15, a shotgun, and half a dozen handguns. Reading all of the stories made me realize that something was odd about all of them.

Then I found it. It took a lot of searching, but I finally found the entire story. Here is a picture of the suspect:

Never mind, nothing to see here. It wasn’t a white guy, so that isn’t a story. Isn’t that odd, that big media always leaves race out of the story, unless the criminal is a white man?

The funny part here is that this man may not have committed a crime. He has a concealed weapons permit, and at least one version of the story says that police were called only after a man saw him with an AR15 in a bathroom stall. He was only charged with “Reckless Conduct,” which seems like a bullshit charge designed to allow the cops to confiscate his property.

Criminals Insanity War on the Right

Aloha Snackbar

The shooter in the Colorado Supermarket was a 21 year old, pro-ISIS, anti-Trump, practicing Muslim. The shooting will still be used to vilify white, male gun owners.

EDITED TO ADD: He was clearly radicalized by watching CNN. We should shut them down while more facts are gathered, just to be safe.

Criminals Police State

Woke Chief in Boulder

Boulder, Colorado just had a mass shooting that resulted in a police officer being killed. In March of 2020, Maris Herold became the first female police chief of the Boulder Police Department. A graduate of Eckerd College here in St Petersburg, the online major is billed by the college as “the most inclusive of the social sciences.” Make no mistake, she was selected to be the chief because she is woke, not because she is competent. According to her Bio:

Herold has a background in social work, serving as a sexual assault investigator and as a psychiatric intake worker in a juvenile mental health facility.

Last year, she took a knee during the BLM protests to show solidarity with the rioters. She also swore to “to draw on best practices from around the world, importing some use-of-force guidelines from Europe.”

That is notable given the stark differences in policing — and criminal justice as a whole — between the U.S. and EU. Many European officers do not carry firearms; the populace they are policing, of course, doesn’t have the ready access to firearms that Americans do.

So an antigun “only one” type of woke police chief happens to have a mass shooting just when Congress needs one to make political points for their proposed AWB.


Famous Felony

An 18 year old spring breaker decided to become famous by helping a prisoner escape from the back of a patrol car. The prisoner was quickly apprehended, and the attention seeker was arrested for aiding the escape of a prisoner, which is a third degree felony punishable by up to 5 years in prison, and a $5,000 fine.

He likely won’t do jail time, and will likely wind up taking a plea deal, even if charges aren’t dropped or reduced before hand. I have had people attack me on the job, get arrested for felony battery, and they only get 90 days of probation after pleading to simple assault.