Russians: Attack when cloudy

Why? Because NATO is planning on building solar powered tanks. I shit you not, this is fucking ridiculous. Do I really need to explain why?

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Federalizing the police

Try to find any information about the number of National Guard troops currently deployed in Washington, DC to guard the capitol. The information was there yesterday. It doesn’t seem to be available today. Almost like we are not permitted to know. The last I saw, it was 2,500 troops authorized until at least May 23. The Capitol is fenced off like this:

Nancy Pelosi has selected the commanding General of the Washington, DC National Guard as the Sergeant at Arms, or head of security for the Capitol. The Military is now in charge of Capitol Security. (Of course, Pelosi is claiming that she would have fought off the attackers in hand to hand combat. Big talk from a woman who fled with her armed secret service detail.) The Capitol will be a walled fortress, staffed by armed troops, just like this famous building:

I also would like to know how the Vice-President was giving orders to the Army, seeing as how he isn’t in their chain of command. Doesn’t seem to me that his orders would be lawful ones.

The National Guard troops in the Capitol have formed a QRF, which they recently deployed. Note in the picture below that the QRF has no firearms, and there are no armor panels in their plate carriers. At least three of the eight members of this squad have mags in the ammo pouches. Does this mean that they are only armed with riot gear for this specific mission, but have the option of firearms?

Meanwhile, the US military is busy purging itself of anyone who is remotely Republican or has Conservative leanings. This, coupled with a push to call all police forces tools of racist oppression, makes me believe that we are seeing the pieces being put in place for a national police force. This is typical of communist takeovers- the personnel for the national police force comes from pro-Communist forces. That’s right- BLM and Antifa will likely be the core of this new police force, if history is any guide. In fact, documents leaked in 2016 show that George Soros was planning exactly that, and has been funding BLM to achieve this goal. Barak Obama himself advocated for the Federalization of the nation’s police in 2011.

The Hill has been calling for that since last July– the Federalization of all local police. The Republic would have finally become the Empire.

Crime Criminals

SNL and Chauvin

If you watch the SNL open about the Chauvin trial, they are setting the stage for riots to follow the acquittal of Chauvin. They are already laying the groundwork to permit the riots that we all know would follow a not guilty verdict.

You see, all right thinking people are supposed to know that Chauvin is guilty, and the only reason for an acquittal is that the entire system is corrupt. It couldn’t be because the jury saw all of the evidence and decided that the state had not met its burden of proof. Nope, it has to be racism.

Make no mistake- Chauvin will eventually go to jail, even if the Feds have to get him for some charge that dodges double jeopardy, but that will be after the politicians get the riots that they are looking for.

Police State

I disagree

It seems that a cop in Minnesota couldn’t tell the difference between her Taser and a pistol. Says CNBC contributor and attorney David Henderson: “I think that if officers can’t tell the difference between firearms and tasers, we need to re-evaluate whether or not they need to be carrying tasers.”

I disagree. If police officers can’t tell the difference between firearms and tasers, I don’t think that they should carry firearms. They are supposed to know the difference. Perhaps we could try Sheriff Taylor’s solution:

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Gulags are here

The people being held due to their arrests stemming from the January 6 incident are being beaten and tortured by guards while in custody, reports Politico.

One Capitol riot defendant, Ryan Samsel, was severely beaten by correctional officers, is now blind in one eye, has a skull fracture, and detached retina. One of the prisoners reports that a guard declared, “I hate all white people and your honky religion.”

One attorney remarked that his client was taken to an area of the jail that was out of sight of security cameras, then beaten by guards. “I have seen Ryan. He has two black eyes to this day, two weeks later. All the skin is ripped off both wrists, which shows the zip ties and how tight they were,” said the attorney.

We continue to edge ever closer to the concentration camp phase, it is unreal.

Crime Criminals

Facts don’t lie

A woman in Memphis became angry at Burger King employees because she believed that they were too slow in preparing her food. So she decided to get out of her car, lean in the drive through window, and began spraying bullets throughout the store.

Blacks make up 13% of the US population, but commit 53% of the homicides, 54% of the robberies, 33% of violent crime, and 43% of illegal weapons possession. In fact, Blacks are overrepresented in every category of crime in the US, except for DUI and public intoxication.

That isn’t racism, it is just fact.

Police State

Force of law

Parents lose a child, so they petition the government to pass a law that would have saved his life. They want it made mandatory for boat operators to wear the lanyard connected to their vessel’s kill switch.

Another woman wants people who go swimming when conditions are ripe for rip currents to be fined.

Look, I am all in favor of people being safe. A kill switch is a safety device, and I frequently use mine. When the red flags are up, you shouldn’t be in the water. However, just because something is a good idea doesn’t mean that it needs to be legally mandated.


What government does

A disbarred attorney used the CDC eviction moratorium to live on her sister’s porch. She defecated in the bushes, refusing to leave, and it took gobs of money and two years to get rid of her. This is what government does.


The rest of the story

When I was a kid, Paul Harvey used to have a radio show called “The rest of the story” where he would do a short story about something that had occurred that “everyone” knew, and then would disclose the part of the story that was largely unknown. He would end the segment with “and now you know… the rest of the story.” With that out of the way:

Here is a tear jerking story about three young black people who were gunned down in their prime by evil, racist cops, when all they were doing was listening to the radio and “smoking.” What the story glosses over is that three handguns were found in the vehicle. What the story doesn’t mention is that at least one of them, Jaquan Kimbrough-Rucker, has a lengthy criminal record. He was convicted in 2018 for a felony in Indian River county (burglary), was sentenced to three years and wound up serving two years in prison for it (first year was credit for time served.) He was released early. He was involved in this case just weeks after being released from prison. Had he served his full sentence, this likely would not have happened.

The shooting can’t be interrupting him too much because he was arrested in December of 2020 for possession of a firearm by a convicted felon, and again in March of 2021 for possession of Fentanyl, Cocaine, Ecstacy, Xanax, resisting arrest, and intent to distribute.

Now without knowing whether or not they were business associates of this violent drug dealer, or merely in the wrong place, this wasn’t some young, innocent group of young people. The two young people who were killed were friends with this drug dealing violent criminal, and that is what got them killed. It wasn’t racism. It wasn’t out of control cops, it was another case of criminal black men that got them killed.

Now you know the rest of the story.

Police State

Police State

Across the US, police conduct more than 20 million traffic stops each year. This means that 50,000 times each day, a police officer stops someone in traffic. Less than half of those stops are for speeding, DWI, stop sign or stoplight violations. Instead, minor traffic violations are used as an excuse to initiate criminal investigations. This tactic fails to find any criminal wrongdoing 98% of the time.

I disagree with the thrust of the article- claiming that police are racist. The real reason why traffic stops disproportionally affect blacks is for two reasons: most police and most traffic stops happen in large cities, which are where most blacks live, and black neighborhoods tend to be where most of the violent crime is, so that is where most police spend most of their time. That is just a fact. We all know it. Go to any city and ask any person, no matter what race they are, to tell you where the most dangerous and crime ridden area of town is, and they will point to a predominately black neighborhood.

No, the real issue with police overreach isn’t racism- it is that the police have too much power to stop and search people. Let’s agree to start there.