COVID Military tyranny

Purging the military

Here come the camps. Military troops are the first ones to be purged. The language is subtle, but it’s there.

allowances would certainly be made for religious exemptions and for those with pre-existing conditions that precluded vaccinations.

Admiral John Kirby

You have to have been in the military to catch the lie in this one. Chaplains in the military are commissioned officers. When I was in, they used to tell us that they were loyal to God first and the military second, so we should feel safe in talking to them. I didn’t believe that for a second. As officers, their careers depend on their fitrep. God won’t be the one writing their fitrep, their superior officer would. One small phrase in a fitrep can end a career. There won’t be any religious exemptions.

Medical doctors in the military? You guessed it, they are officers, too. If the President says the jab is safe, it’s safe. Orders are orders. There won’t be any medical exemptions.

So what then?

 “They will also be offered a chance to sit down with their chain of command and their leadership to talk about the risks that their objection will impose on the unit and on the force and on their teammates.”

Conversations with the chain of command aren’t what civilians think of as conversations. In the military, the superior talks. The subordinate says things like “Yes, sir,” or perhaps, “Yes, Sergeant,” or even, “Yes, Chief.” Anything else leads to the next step.

“There are — it is — once you mandate it, as we’ve done, it is a lawful order. It’s a lawful order, and we fully anticipate that our troops are going to follow lawful orders,”

The UCMJ is specific on this one. The one that applies here is Article 92: Failure to Obey a Lawful Order or Regulation. What is a lawful order? Whatever the President or an officer says it is. You can try to be a “bedroll lawyer,” but it won’t work. No officer in this military is going to oppose this President, not unless he or she wants to also be charged with an Article 92.

So what happens when you violate Article 92? A violation of or failure to obey lawful general order or regulation may result in a dishonorable discharge, forfeiture of all pay and allowances, and confinement for 2 years. It would also be considered a FELONY conviction.

Does anyone reading this doubt that anyone pushing this will be broken at the wheel?

COVID Police State tyranny

Camps are coming

After reading this story about schools tracking unvaccinated students by forcing them to wear ankle monitors, I have no doubt that camps are coming.


Satire, or reality?

Doctors Announce They Will No Longer Treat Car Accident Victims Who Didn’t Wear Their Seat Belt

“My job is to make sure these people are living the way I want them to, and then decide who lives or dies based on that. This world has too many people in it anyway. Come to think about it, why did I become a doctor? Oh yeah—money.”

Doctors Stage Walkout At South Florida Hospital To Protest Treating Unvaccinated People


Now my brother

Two days ago, I announced that my mother has COVID, but only had mild symptoms. Last week, my Brother received a so-called booster of the vaccine. Today, he was diagnosed with COVID. It seems that even fully vaccinated people with booster shots can get it.

One of my employees today told me that her mother is in the ICU on a ventilator, with an exceptionally bad case of COVID. The mother is unvaccinated, and there are many people that will view this as: “AHA! If she had been vaccinated, she would be fine!”

They would be ignoring that this woman got sick a month ago, and her doctor diagnosed her with tonsilitis. Three weeks later, she woke up gasping for breath, and passed out. She was taken to the ER, where her advanced case of COVID, which her doctor had misdiagnosed, was finally treated.

So is this a case of no vaccine, or a case of an untreated, serious case of an infection caused by a medical error? How does a doctor not test someone for COVID if they come in to the office sick? Or was the test faulty?

Another 12 hour shift today. Sorry I don’t have anything else for you. Tired. I spent all day in the COVID isolation wing, where I walked 10,000 steps. I am worn out.

COVID tyranny War on the Right

Don’t get tested

Mississippi says to isolate after testing positive for COVID-19, or face up to 5 years in prison and a fine. They are going to make it a FELONY to not isolate after testing positive. The crime? Failure to obey an order of a health official that involves a fatal disease. This is the same penalty as battery on a LEO or selling small amounts of weed.

Under this order, you can’t have visitors and must lock yourself in a different room of the house from the rest of your family.

Or you could not take a COVID test. If you take a COVID test, what will it change, except to possibly make you a felon? Just don’t take the test.

Also in the same story, the state’s only Level 1 trauma center, the University of Mississippi Medical Center, also announced on Friday that it would require all staff and students to be vaccinated, a reversal from its previous policy that allowed employees and students to choose not to be vaccinated so long as they wore N95 masks.

Refusing to take the test will only work for awhile. Prison times are here for not isolating. Soon, there will be prison time for not vaccinating. The isolation camps are coming.

I won’t be put in a camp, no matter what it is called, or why they want to do it.


A couple of things

I was at work today, I just finished a 12 hour shift. We had even more COVID patients. We had four patients die today. Here is the issue:

Many (the majority) of the patients in the hospital are older. Some are younger, but not most. The youngest COVID patient I have seen on the floor is 19. The oldest is 96.

The problem here is that they have more and more issues with getting oxygen into their bloodstream. The ones who are really sick can be on high flow oxygen at 60 liters per minute and still have oxygen saturations in the 60’s. Once the percentage drops low enough, their heart slows down, blood pressure drops, and they require a response team to keep them alive for the trip to their new room in the ICU.

One woman today with dementia pulled off her mask, and her oxygen saturation dropped to 17 percent within 90 seconds. That is the lowest percentage I have seen on a conscious person ever.

COVID isn’t fake. It is a real disease. Let’s get that out of the way.

Some portion of the people who get it, maybe fifteen percent, seem to have a lot of trouble and have to be admitted to the hospital. A portion of them seem to get worse until they have to be put in the ICU. Some of them die, some of them wind up with long term problems.

I am not and have not ever said that COVID is a fake illness.

Where we need to be spending our scientific efforts is in discovering why some people suffer more than others, and why some have problems recovering fully. So why aren’t we doing that?

Because of the real problem. Some people in and out of our government have discovered that this crisis can be used to create fear, and with that fear, they can take more power and money for themselves. Now that they have that money and power, they are not likely to give it up.


My mother

My mother, who is 76 years old, called me late last night. She has been vaccinated. She wears a mask. She also has COVID. Sounds scary, right? Her symptoms? She describes them as being just like a mild cold.

This is where the pro-vaccine crowd will tell you “See, you got the vaccine, so it isn’t as serious.” They forget that the vast majority of people who get COVID have mild, or no, symptoms. This is an illness with a 99 percent survival rate.



My wife attended a funeral today. The man who was the guest of honor had died of COVID, and was the father of a friend. My wife went to pay her respects. The story that she was told left me speechless.

When the man became sick to the point where he was not doing well, they took him to a local hospital. (Not the one where I work). It turns out to have been the worst mistake that they could have made. After he was admitted, he became sicker. They would not allow any family in to see him. For the next ten days, his health began to suffer. He was moved to the ICU.

A wealthy friend of the family hired a medical evacuation team and a private jet to fly him to a larger, better equipped hospital. The better hospital agreed to accept him. The medical team arrived at the airport and was ready to take him to the other hospital. The small, local hospital refused to allow him to leave.

A few days later, he died. A Catholic, and a priest was not even allowed in to give last rites. He died alone, having not seen his family in over two weeks.

I would find out the name of the doctor that did this to my family. He would receive a visit from me, where I delivered some hard lessons.

I recently had a similar situation occur at my hospital. A fellow employee came to me because she needed help with obtaining information about her mother, who was a patient in the COVID ward. I helped her. She and her mother were both thankful.

I was called by my boss and told not to help her and used HIPAA as an excuse. I said OK, and then told my fellow employee what paperwork to fill out that would require the hospital to release the information.

My boss found out, and I got a HUGE ass chewing. I asked her how she would feel if that were HER mother. She told me that was beside the point. Things got heated, and I am surprised that I wasn’t fired myself. My wife was concerned.

My wife is upset about the death of her friend’s father. I told her that was the exact reason why I would not violate my principles for a paycheck. “I was just following orders” is not something I am prepared to try and use as a defense.

She understands that I have morals and principles that I live by. There are some things that I just won’t do. One of them is to violate those principles, and I don’t care how big of a paycheck I lose as a result.

The doctors and other healthcare personnel who did this should be ashamed of themselves.

COVID Police State tyranny

Don’t be a dumbass

If you are going to use fake vaccine cards, don’t carry fake cards for your 4 and 5 year old kids, since they are too young to be vaccinated, that is a sure way to get caught. Seriously, don’t be a dumbass.

Also, the vaccines are not nearly as effective as advertised.



According to my briefing at the hospital today, the newest variant of COVID has made an appearance in Florida: Lambda.

A large part of our admitted COVID patients are fully vaccinated: 29%. Whoever is saying that 95% of patients are unvaccinated is full of shit. They are lying to you. Fifty percent of the overall public in Florida is fully vaccinated.